A US based think tank on Monday claimed that Pakistan has stored its Nuclear weapons at nine places and all these places are at great security risk. The Federation of American Scientists said that Pakistan has hidden its nuclear warheads in storage facilities near bases that house nuclear-capable launchers.

Last week, Pakistan PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi while addressing a gathering said that Pakistan’s tactical or nonstrategic nuclear weapons, saying they were meant to deter the Indian Army’s ‘cold start’ doctrine.

Pakistan PM Abbasi also declared that the country’s nukes were under a robust command-and-control system.

The think tank report also claimed that Pakistan has a cache of 130-140 tactical nuclear weapons and is rapidly increasing their number. As per reports, Pakistan’s nuclear warheads may be located in storage facilities near the bases identified by the report.

A United States official last month had also stated that the US government is worried about Pakistan’s development of nuclear weapons.

Recently, India slammed Pakistan for its support to terrorism, labeled it as “Terroristan” while exercising its right of reply in the general debate at the ongoing UN General Assembly Session.

“In its short history, Pakistan has become a geography synonymous with terror,” Eenam Gambhir, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN, said on Thursday in response to Pakistani Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi’s statement that “the struggle” of the people in Kashmir was being “brutally suppressed by India”. “The quest for land of pure has actually produced a ‘land of pure terror’,” Gambhir added.

 Pakistan made a joke of itself after it showed a fake image of Kashmiri victim to defame India at the UNGA. India will exercise it’s right to reply at United Naiton General Assembly against allegation leveled by Pakistan on Monday.  

On September 24, Pakistan’s Ambassador to United Nations (UN) Maleeha Lodhi while responding back to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj IITs, IIMs remark, said that India was the ‘Mother of Terrorism’ and showed a fake image of Kashmiri victim which later turned out to be a victim of Israeli attacks that took place on Gaza in 2014.