Multiple rockets have landed near Kabul airport in Afghanistan after while US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg are also present in the city.

According to sources, the flights have been cancelled and the airport has been evacuated. So far, there are no reports of any casualty at the Kabul airport. 

Reports indicate that 20-30 rockets landed in airport and surrounded the area. The target could be NATO base adjoining the airport. 

It is also being reported that there is continuous firing which is taking place at the Kabul airport. Reports also talks about explosions and some insurgents entering houses near Kabul Airport. 

After the rockets landed near the Kabul airport, some suicide bombers entered a security compound. 

Meanwhile, the visit of US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis is being reported to be an unannounced high-level visit which has come security forces in Afghanistan struggle to fight against Taliban. 

Terror organisations having presence in Taliban warned the Afghanistan that it will be turned into a graveyard for foreign forces.  

According to some unconfirmed reports, Taliban has take responsibility for the attack saying that US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis was their target.   

Earlier on September 14, at least 3 people were killed and 4 others injured after a suicide attack occurred near a cricket stadium in Kabul. A policeman and two civilians were among those three who lost their lives in the attack.

Prior to that on August 29, 6 persons were killed and nine injured in a suicide attack near a bank in Kabul, Afghan police had said.

The attack had taken place around 10AM near a New Kabul Bank branch in a heavily protected area about 300 metres from NATO’s Resolute Support Mission Headquarters, the US Embassy and the Kabul Supreme Court.

Kabul police spokesperson, Basir Mujahid had informed that the victims included five civilians and the attacker.

(This is a developing story, more details awaited…)