There has been enough said and done from both sides of the border, from Pakistan PM’s escalating a war of words with India to Sushma Swaraj hitting back at Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in subtle undertones. The sour relationship between the two countries became evident at global stage with Pakistan’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi, showing a picture of an injured woman at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

Lodhi claimed that the picture was of a Kashmiri woman suffering atrocities at the hands of India but Pak representative came under fire after it came out in the open that the picture was actually of a girl from war-torn Gaza. A flurry of jibes followed in her way but an obstinate Pakistan still retaliated, accusing India of diverting attention from more grave concerns.

To further clarify the authenticity of the picture, photographer Heidi Levine on Wednesday said, “Yes, my photograph was taken during the war between Israel & the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip. I am very surprised to see my photograph being shown at the United Nations (by Pak envoy Maleeha Lodhi).”

Calling out the negative strategies of Pakistan, Levine further added that it’s unfair for the dignity of Rawya (women in the picture) who’s still struggling to overcome her injuries. She also said that she is grateful to media for pointing it out to the world.

Earlier in the day, UNGA president Miroslav Lajcak said that United Nations will certainly think about the fake picture issue and how to deal with the erroneous use of the pictures. However, Lajcak was coy on how he will approach the matter saying, “It is not for me to answer. It is for the delegations that are involved. I want to use but not misuse my position as president of the General Assembly.”