As informed by a Kurdish official, ISIS extremist have executed 19 women for refusing to have sex with its fighters. 
Women are being held hostage by the ISIS that has a strong hold in Mosul, Iraq since June last year, he claimed.
In the mean time, a UN envoy probing the evil sex trade of ISIS has stated that the ‘girls get peddled like barrels of petrol’ and each of them can be bought by six different men. (Also Read: Sympathizing with Yakub Memon, this Mumbai ‘journalist’ expressed his desire to join ISIS on social media)
It is also reported that a disturbing ISIS document has been verified suggesting that the jihadists sell the Yazidi and Christian women and children they have abducted where girls age between one to nine-years-old get the maximum money.
Last year, the ISIS seized the Sinjar district in northern Iraq and kidnapped hundreds of women from the Yazidi community. 
After managing to escape the torture of the Islamic State, some sex slaves have shared the traumatic experience about how they were forced to marry the fighters who physically and sexually abused them. (Also Read: This is how ISIS sexually brutalized the captured women)
This is yet not confirmed if the 19 women that have been killed mercilessly by the extremist group belonged to the Yazidi community or not. 
According to a spokesperson for the Kurdish Democratic Party in Mosul, these 19 innocents were put to death as they refused to ‘participate in the practice of sexual jihad’.
In an interview, Said Mimousini also claimed that the issues around money and the distribution of women have caused a rift within ISIS’s ranks. (Also Read: ISIS bans pigeon breeding. According to them, ‘seeing genitals of a bird offends Islam’) 
The terror outfit had reportedly released a pamphlet in October showing how much it charged for selling the female captives. 
While the authenticity of the pamphlet was debated earlier, the UN’s special envoy for sexual violence in conflict confirmed it was genuine during a trip to Iraq. 
Published on October 16, the pamphlet read, “Customers are allowed to purchase only three items with the exception of customers from Turkey, Syria and Gulf countries.”
A reported ISIS video that was released in November last year appeared to show an ISIS ‘sex slave market’ where fighters were allowed to opt among different Yazidi girls priced as per their ‘desirable’ physical features.
Ever since then, numerous women who were fortunate to flee from the horrific atmosphere have narrated their pain and suffering they went through under the ISIS rule.

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