Kabul: Another suicide bomb exploded a truck laden with explosive outside provincial government office in the country in the midnight of August 6, 2015. This blast was so acute that nearby buildings were damaged and people also got injured from the collapse of building.  
According to official data, seven civilians are killed and around 400 injured among them, 27 are women, 10 children and 5 policemen. Number of injured increased due to broken glass due to blast.  
Lately, Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, saying the targets were military and paramilitary unit.
Generally, there is no entry of trucks during day time but they are allowed between 9 PM to 5 AM
Since the demise of Taliban Chief,  Mullah Omar and conflict among the faction within Taliban lead to two consecutive blast one in Logar province and the recent one in Kabul. 
After second round of peace talk in Muree, Pakistan, the new chief of Taliban Mullah Mansur has kept the matter in cold and reluctant for any such talks. Even there is whisper regarding complete unanimity over the leadership of Taliban as a few groups are not accepting Mullah Mansur as their chief. 
This faction and obscurity among the groups would definitely create chaotic situation which would be miss utilized by these faction and obviously, Taliban would have stronger say in peace talks if it held in the future.
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