Brussels: Belgian Andon Akayyan is the world’s foremost collector of crystal balls of stairs, also known as newel post finial.

Akayyan was first interested in the crystal articles nearly 30 years ago. Now his collection boasts more than 2,000 pieces, Xinhua reported.

Some of them are rare and famous such as Saint-Louis, Baccarat and Clichy which are 200 years old.

Some crystals could be sold at 200,000 euros ($218,959) a piece. Multi-coloured and multi-dimensional crystal balls of stairs were ornaments in vogue in luxury residences from the 18th to 20th centuries.

Akayyan is currently waiting to be recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records.

He is preparing to set up a private museum spanning five floors and 2,000 sq meters, showcasing classic crystal balls of stairs and Louis Leloup, a Belgian contemporary crystal master.

As his collection increases, so does Akayyan’s fame. “A number of articles were offered to me because their owner trusted on me to save their cultural heritage. Out of respect to these donors, I note the date and their names at the bottom of these articles,” he said.

Akayyan was born in an Armenian village in Turkey. He came to Belgium as a refugee at the age of 10. “The first years were very difficult, and I worked very hard,” he said.

“Now I can do something for my host country, my second homeland,” Akayyan said, explaining his motive of setting up the museum of crystal in Brussels.

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