Damascus : A total of 22 abducted Syrian Assyrians were released by the Islamic State (IS) militants, who kidnapped them along with tens of Assyrians last February, Assyrian activists said.
The released Assyrians reached on Tuesday the northern city of Hasakah and were in good shape, following their release, which came after strenuous negotiations conducted by the Hasakah-based Assyrian Church of the East, according to the Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights, Xinhua reported.
The 22 Assyrians were kidnapped on February 23 this year when the IS stormed predominantly-Assyrian towns in the Hasaka province.
According to the statistics, the IS is still capturing another 187 Assyrians, including women and children.
The IS unleashed attacks on tens of predominantly Assyrian villages earlier this year, including Tal Hurmoz, Tal Shamiram, Tal Rumman, Tal Nasra and many more towns in the countryside of the Hasaka province, deprived many lives and kidnapped over 200 civilians.
The attacks also displaced 690 families, not to mention the desecration of worship places and churches