New York: The US dollar fluctuated against most major currencies as Greek government sealed its third bailout deal.
Greece and its creditors have completed negotiations on the terms of a third bailout package on Tuesday, which was worth up to 86 billion euro.
China’s RMB fell sharply in value following a central bank decision to improve the yuan’s central parity system that aims to better reflect its market exchange rate against the dollar, reported Xinhua.
The bank of China cited a strong US dollar and sharp appreciation in the RMB real effective exchange rate as key considerations behind the policy change.
In late New York trading, the euro gained to $1.1035 from $1.1019 of the previous session, and the British pound decreased to $1.5564 from $1.5601.
The Australian dollar went down to 0.7291 dollar from 0.7410 dollar.
The dollar bought 125.15 Japanese yen, higher than 124.61 yen of the previous session. 
The greenback moved up to 0.9892 Swiss franc from 0.9836 Swiss franc, and moved up to 1.3124 Canadian dollars from 1.3001 Canadian dollars.

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