London: One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson’s estranged father Troy Austin reportedly attempted suicide by gassing himself in a car. He was later arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI).
Police officers searched the vehicle and found an empty tin before asking Austin to take a sobriety test. The police decided to arrest him as he refused to take the test. At a police station in Doncaster, South Yorks, he tried to further harm himself. Later on, he was moved to hospital for a treatment, reports 
Austin didn’t spend much time at the hospital. He returned to the cells before appearing in a court on Wednesday morning. Regarding the incident, a relative said: “It’s tragic. He’s lost all of his friends. They’ve all disowned him. This isn’t about Louis. He is drinking heavily and a habitual dope smoker and that will mess with your mind.” 
Louis hasn’t spoken to Austin, who split from the singer’s mother when he was just five years old, since the two were involved in a furious telephone call three years ago. 
The One Direction member has had so little to do with his biological father as he took his stepdad’s surname Tomlinson. 

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