After destroying Rahonigya villages in the Rakhine state with the bulldozers Myanmar has started building security installations on the land, Amnesty International said. Around 70.000 Rohingya Muslims were forced to flee the northern Rakhine state following mass atrocities conducted against them in August 2017 following a series of attacks by Rohingyas on police outposts. Earlier a report had emerged saying that Myanmar government was destroying Rohingya villages in the Rakhine state with the help of bulldozers in a bid to erase the pieces of evidence of mass atrocities conducted against the Muslim minority group of Rohingyas.

A group named Human Rights Watch had said that the villages “should be treated as crime scenes” and preserved. A large number of Rohingyas were forced out of the country in August 2017 in retaliation after the minority Muslim group’s militants launched a series of attacks on police outposts. However, the Myanmar government had defended its move by stating that they were simply trying to rebuild the region.The aerial photographs of the entire operation being conducted in Myanmar are doing the rounds and were made public on February 9 when Kristian Schmidt, European Union’s ambassador to Myanmar had shared the images taken from an aircraft. Satellite images from DigitalGlobe have hinted at the destruction of 28 villages damaged in a 50km radius around Maungdaw between the months of December and February.

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”Many of these villages were scenes of atrocities against Rohingya and should be preserved so that the experts appointed by the UN to document these abuses can properly evaluate the evidence to identify those responsible,” Asia director at Human Rights Watch, Brad Adams was quoted as saying by the BBC.

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