In what seemed like the last leg of the pandemic with enormous progress in vaccine development, it seems like the last month of 2020 has given its final blow with alarm over new Covid-19 strain in UK, which is spreading across the world. With uncertainty over the nature of the new Covid-19 strain and whether the existing vaccines will work against it as well, more than 40 countries have announced travel restrictions to UK, including India.

On Monday, India suspended all flights to and from the United Kingdom till December 31 amid concern over the new Covid-19 strain. Along with India, countries like France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Netherlands and Ireland have also restricted travel to UK for the time-being. While US is yet to follow the suit, countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Oman have temporarily halted travel completely as reports of the detection of the new virus strain emerges from other countries.

In response to the new development, WHO emergency chief Mike Ryan has said that new strains are a normal part of the evolution of a pandemic and that it is not out of control. Speaking along the same lines, India’s Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Monday assured everyone that the government is alert and there is no need to panic.

He said that the government is fully aware of everything and one shouldn’t involve in all these imaginary situations, imaginary talks and imaginary panic. Further on vaccine development, he has said that the government is hopeful of a potential Covid-19 vaccine by any week of January next year.