Tuesday, August 9, 2022

As China tempts Paraguay to severe ties with Taiwan, India steps in to defend Taiwan-Paraguay relations

Defending Taiwan’s ties with Paraguay, India sent out 100,000 Covaxin doses to the South American nation at a time when China was trying to tempt Paraguay against Taiwan by offering vaccines.  The foreign minister of Taiwan, Joseph Wu on Wednesday said that India has already sent 100,000 doses to Paraguay and would be sending 100,000 more.

China has been using Coronavirus vaccines’ supply to reinforce its mission of dominating diplomatic relations. In one such recent instance, China offered “millions of doses” of Coronavirus vaccines to Paraguay in exchange for severing ties with Taiwan. 

Taiwan Foreign Minister said that India helped Taiwan in maintaining its diplomatic relations with its South American ally nation, Paraguay. He said that if one looked at the countries that were receiving the Chinese vaccines, whether it was Brazil or Chile or El Salvador, he thought that it was having a lot of impact on their diplomatic allies. He further said that China had been very active in publicly stating that Paraguay would be able to receive millions of doses of COVID-19 vaccines if it severed ties with Taiwan.

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China cuts off ties with countries that recognize Taiwan as a country, citing its One China principle. Currently, there are only 15 countries that recognize Taiwan as a country and maintain diplomatic relations with it. A few days ago, NASA had become the latest foreign organization to rattle China by listing Taiwan on its website in the list of countries.

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