Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Bangladesh Communal Violence: Hindu man’s home set on fire over Facebook post on Prophet

In Bangladesh, a Hindu man’s house was set on fire yesterday afternoon due to a purportedly disparaging Facebook post against the Prophet Muhammad.

According to police inspector Haran Chandra of India Today TV, Akash Saha and his father Ashok Shaha have been detained by the police in relation to the event.

Yesterday on Facebook, Akash Saha posted a disrespectful statement against Hazrat Muhammad (July 14). This afternoon, a few irate people began to demonstrate in front of his home. The inspector said that at one point, they set fire to a room in Akash Saha’s home.

Following information about the event, many police units and senior officers sped to the village in Lohagora upazila of Narail district and nabbed Akash Saha and his father, he added.

Akash Saha and his father are being questioned. The officer stated that legal action will be taken after an investigation.

Political officials, police, and local law enforcement arrived on the scene and attempted to diffuse the situation. Later last night, senior police officers paid the area a visit.

Another official informed India Today TV that because Akash was on the run, his father was held in jail in order to track him down.

To stop additional bloodshed, more troops were sent to the area.

Earlier on June 18, when several neighbours and students accused him of backing a student who shared a photo of Nupur Sharma on Facebook, the college’s Hindu principal in Narail was made to wear a shoe garland in front of the police.

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