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#BBCgate rocks world press: Panaroma man ‘tricked’ Diana

Martin Bashir, a former BBC chief resigned as chair of Britain’s National Gallery on Saturday after being criticised for his inadequate interview with Princess Diana with deception. Journalist Bashir tricked Diana into giving a 1995 BBC television interview in which she lifted the lid on her troubled marriage to Prince Charles, an independent investigation concluded on Thursday.

An independent investigation has held Journalist Bashir accountable for tricking Diana into giving a bombshell interview for BBC television in 1995. Tony Hall, who had led an earlier investigation into the interview and was later named head of the BBC.

“I have always had a strong sense of public service and it is clear my continuing in the role would be a distraction to an institution I care deeply about,” said Bashir.

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In the interview, Princess Diana lifted the lid on her troubled marriage to Prince Charles. She revealed that “there were three people” in her marriage; her, Charles and his long-time mistress and now wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, also admitted adultery.

It was always uncertain about how Bashir convinced Diana for an interview on the BBC’s flagship “Panorama” programme in November 1995, which was watched by a record 22.8 million people and won a series of television awards.

A 1996 internal inquiry by Hall cleared Bashir of wrong-doing, but Dyson called that probe “flawed and woefully ineffective” as he said, Bashir faked bank statements that falsely said some of Diana’s closest aides were being paid by the security services to keep tabs on her. This was then used as a bid with her brother for an interview with Diana.

Meanwhile, Diana’s son Prince William said the interview had made “a major contribution” to the demise of his parents’ relationship, and blamed BBC’s “woeful incompetence” in uncovering the truth had which he says has “contributed significantly to her fear, paranoia and isolation” in her final years. Diana later died in a high-speed car crash while being chased by paparazzi photographers two years after the interview in 1997. 

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