Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Beijing Olympic games begin: Torture tales of athletes surface

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As Beijing Olympics 2022 begins, shocking reports coming in from China suggest that the athletes are being subjected to inhumane and unreasonable conditions. Representatives from several countries, which are participating in the games this year, have raised the matter against authorities, inviting global attention.

Days after a Chinese official forcefully moved a Dutch journalist on live while reporting outside the National stadium in Beijing in an attempt to censor press freedom, Finland’s men’s ice hockey team coach Jukka Jolenen has accused China of not respecting one of his player’s human rights following a positive Covid-19 test report. Jolenan has claimed that his player named Marko Anttila is not getting enough food and is under immense stress. The Finnish team’s doctor has also pointed out that Anttila tested positive 19 days ago but he is still forced to remain in isolation despite no longer being considered infectious.

Not just Finland, but Germany and Belgium has also questioned China’s behaviour at the games. Germany’s team chief Dirk Schimmelpfenning has said that the living conditions for one of his players Eric Frenzel, who is under isolation after testing Covid-19 positive, are unacceptable. Frenzel has complained of lack of cleanliness, poor food quality and insufficient WiFi.

In a video posted on her Instagram account, Belgian Skeleton racer Kim Meylemans has claimed that she thought she’d been cleared from protocols as a close contact and would be released from isolation but the ambulance just moved her from one isolation facility to another.

Amid these developments, China’s tennis star Peng Shuai has done the biggest ever U-turn on sexual assault allegations. Retracting her allegations, Shuai has said that she never accused anyone of sexual assault. In a conversation with French magazine L’Equipe, she said, I never said anyone sexually assaulted me. My private life should not be brought up in sports and politics.”

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