At least 20 students in a primary Beijing school suffered injuries after a man attempted a knife attack. The motive of the incident is not clear yet but the attacker has been arrested. Students who suffer injuries have been shifted to a nearby hospital as some of them are seriously injured but their condition is stable. It was a government school where the incident had taken place. 

Informing about the attack, Xicheng government took it to social media saying that some students have suffered head injuries after a man attacked them with a knife. The government also informed that injured students were shifted to a nearby hospital. 

Though the investigation in the case has already begun, the police have initially declined to comment on the event.  The incident is being termed as rarest of the rare in China and has shocked everybody.

Previously in January 2017, around 10-12 children suffered injuries after a man attacked them with a knife in south China. According to reports, the man was mentally disturbed and disappointed with this own life. He also had several other personal issues which forced him to take that step. 

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