Monday, August 8, 2022

Biden slams China over human rights abuses; Beijing hits out at US’ G7 agenda

US President Joe Biden has made it clear from the beginning that his administration will focus on China, saying he anticipates “outrageous rivalry” between the two nations. While Biden’s way of talking isn’t just about as hawkish as that of his archetype Donald Trump, his govt is required to proceed with a hard way to deal with China. Early signals from the Biden administration likewise mirror attention on basic freedoms in the relationship with China.

Biden says he revealed to China’s leader the US would oppose misuses and crackdowns that contradicted American qualities. Secretary of State considers the US in a more grounded position against China when it works with partners and leads from the front as opposed to utilizing Trump strategies. US President Joe Biden hit out at China over Uyghur genocide taking place in Xinjiang and said they will face repercussions over human rights abuses.

In a major hit between US-China relations, China has voiced resistance to “selective inner circles” after the US said the “China challenge” would be on the table during Friday’s virtual gathering of the gathering of G7 countries. The G7 virtual talks will be the new US president’s first since taking office in January. The group of leaders last met in April.

Meanwhile, China’s foreign ministry condemned the States attitude and elaborated that behaviours like these will not gain popularity among the international community, nor will they benefit the countries themselves. The Ministry further added that such a move will only push the world towards divide and even confrontation.

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