President Joe Biden connected with the Chinese counterpart over a phone call on Thursday. In what is considered as the first phone call between Xi Jinping and Joe Biden after the latter becoming the 46th president of US, Biden expressed his concerns on issues related Beijing’s coercive and unfair economic practices, Hong Kong crackdown, human right abuses in Xinjiang and its increasing assertiveness in Taiwan.

The official statement released by the White House also mentions that the two leaders further shared views on countering the Covid-19 pandemic and dealing with the shared challenges of global health security, climate change, nuclear proliferation and the need to preserve a free and open Indo-pacific.

In response to the statement, the Chinese news agencies cited Xi Jinping as stating that the issues related to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Xinjiang are China’s internal affairs. Furthermore, US should respect China’s core interests and act prudently. Calling for improved relationship between US and China, he also expressed that both the countries gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation. By working in close cooperation, they can accomplish a great deal for both the countries and world at large. Meanwhile, a confrontation would be disastrous for not only both the countries but the world at large.

After talks with Xi, Biden later shared with the reporters in US that he was in a phone call with Xi Jinping for two straight hours last night. He added that if US doesn’t get moving on China policy, the Chinese are going to eat their lunch.