Friday, September 30, 2022

#BidensVietnam: Kabul becomes 2nd Saigon; falls in just 9 days

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Afghan nationals protested against the United States President Joe Biden outside the White House after Afghanistan’s capital Kabul fell to the Taliban, after 20 years of military operations. Scores of people chanted slogans against US President blaming him for the current Afghanistan situation. “Biden you betrayed us, Biden you are responsible,” chanted the “furious” Afghan nationals on Sunday (local time).

Observers across the world are drawing this development’s parallel with the fall of Saigon and comparing the Biden administration with that of his predecessor President Gerald Ford who failed to move faster on evacuating Americans and their South Vietnamese allies. Taliban terrorists have assumed control of the Afghan capital of Kabul and have taken control of the presidential palace. Reports suggest that the movement will soon proclaim the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Former US President Donald Trump called on his successor Joe Biden to step down after the Afghan government collapsed and the Taliban ceased control of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. Trump, in a statement on Sunday, said that it was time for the incumbent US president, Joe Biden, to resign.

His statement comes after the Afghanistan government collapsed on Sunday with President Ashraf Ghani leaving the country and the Taliban’s entry into the capital, the New York Times reported.

Meanwhile, the White House advisors are discussing how President Joe Biden should address the deepening crisis in Afghanistan, however, no final decision has been taken yet about whether he should return to Washington from his planned August vacation.

((With inputs from ANI))

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