BlackBerry files lawsuit against Twitter for patent infringement: Canadian multinational brand BlackBerry has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the microblogging site Twitter. BlackBerry has summoned social media network Twitter for using phone’s technology in an illegal way for messaging.

Mentioning Twitter as a “relative newcomer”, BlackBerry claimed the social networking site adopted its technology for utilisation in their various services including the mainstream Twitter advertisements and Twitter App.

BlackBerry added that Twitter has co-opted their 6 patents which include push technology, cover notifications and silencing notifications.

According to the reports BlackBerry has also said that due to this infringement, Twitter has easily diverted the consumers from opting for BlackBerry’s different products and services and because of this Twitter has gained a lot of success and BlackBerry got deprived of the financial success it possessed.

The 98-page-long complaint, which was filed in the US District Court for Central California, has demanded for compensation for the revenue lost by BlackBerry and other unspecified damages. Twitter dodged the situation by not making any comment on the lawsuit.

Nearly 10 years ago, BalckBerry was one of the largest smartphone makers in the world and of the major service offered by them was the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) which served as a secure way to share text messages and images but soon after it was replaced by the latest means of social networking and messaging sites.

BlackBerry has previously filed a lawsuit against Facebook in March 2018 and mentioned that Facebook has infringed its mobile messaging technology.

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