UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Thursday announced to have agreed upon a new Brexit deal with the EU asserting that only the approval of the two Parliaments was left which will get done by Saturday.

He said once the approval is done, the UK can work on other priorities like the cost of living, the NHS, crime, and environment.

Johnson used hashtags like #GetBrexitDone and #TakeBackControl to underline his willingness to get the new Brexit deal locked permanently. The tweet suggests that both the UK and EU have consensually proposed the new Brexit deal ahead of their meeting in Brussels.

The two sides have been working on the legal aspects of the deal and now it’s awaiting the consent of their respective parliaments.

Earlier, the Northern Irish party had refused to back the proposal and after today’s declaration by Johnson, the party reiterated its stand asserting that it still sticks by its previous statements.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn asserted that the present deal was even worse than what was proposed by former UK PM Theresa May adding that it should be rejected by senators.

Johnson said the new deal will ensure that the UK takes back control of laws, borders, money and trade without disruption and establishes a new relationship with the EU that will be based on free trade and friendly cooperation.

The UK PM added that the deal will allow the UK to leave the EU in two week’s time following which the country will focus on people’s priorities to bring the country back together. He reiterated to #GetBrexitDone and lead the country forward.

Meanwhile, EU President Jean-Claude Juncker called it a balanced agreement. Both Johnson and Juncker have urged the parliaments of the two countries to support the new deal.

EU negotiator Michel Berner said the British government and the European Union have agreed on the mechanisms to withdraw UK from EU alongside finalizing parameters to establish the relations between the two.

He said the proposal should assure legal certainty in areas like separation and should include citizens as the foremost priority.

The new proposal by Johnson is to get rid of what was proposed by his predecessor May which involves resolving issues around the Irish border after the UK leaves. With the new deal, Johnson aims to secure the support of Brexiteers.

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