A 26-year-old man who was jerking off in plain view of a swimsuit modelling crew on the famous Praia do Braga beach in Rio de Janeiro was thrashed by one of the woman members. The MMA fighter started punching the man after she spotted him masturbating in front of her during a swimwear photoshoot. According to metro.co.uk, the incident took place when the man named Josenei Viana Ferreira, 26, began playing himself even as fighter Joyce Vieira and a friend were taking photos on the beach.

Vieira said that she saw the man with his shorts down on a footpath where people pass all the time. He was visibly erect and making sounds and moaning, the report quoted the MMA fighter as saying. Their confrontation was caught on camera. The martial artist, who was in a black swimsuit, was seen punching Ferreira, who was wearing his swim shorts.

Ferreira was arrested after Vieira lodged a police complaint following the incident. Police have later released him from custody after recording his statement. Ferreira, however, denied committing the crime. Vieira later told media persons that she felt powerless as he’s freed and going to be in the same city as her and could be residing in the same neighbourhood.

Vieira said that she gets innumerable messages from women saying they had faced similar situations but didn’t file a report, as they know they would end up being released. She said that such criminals should be severely punished.

Vieira said that she reacted angrily after he refused to listen to her. Police, however, said that the suspect claimed he was urinating on the beach before she approached him. A police officer said the accused will be tried in a special criminal court.

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