The European Union leaders Sunday finally approved the UK’s withdrawal agreement from the European Union. It took almost half an hour for the 27 leaders to finally agree to the Brexit deal at a Brussels summit. The announcement was made by the EU chief Donald Tusk who took to his Twitter handle to broke the news. Following the treaty, Britain is scheduled to withdraw itself from the European Union on March 29. The decision has come as another historic step towards the finalising the deal that confirms Britain’s split from Brussels after 44 years of membership.

The Brexit deal between Britain and the EU has mainly two parts that include a 580-page long legally binding withdrawal agreement and a 26-page political declaration listing the future relationship. While Britain is expected to leave the EU by March 29, but it will remain intact to the single market till December 2020, until the two sides work on their new permanent trade agreements.

The EU leaders have also asked the Britons to support Prime Minister Theresa May’s agreement, which has been facing strong opposition in the UK parliament. 

 The EU leaders have also warned that after Brexit the UK would be “permanently seized” in future negotiations., however, the EU will continue to build “as close as possible partnership” with the UK. 

Meanwhile, in a letter to the Public, May requested the public to support her to get through the Brexit deal citing the deal as of national interest. 


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