With less than 3 months to go untill Britain leaves the European Union, British lawmakers on Tuesday rejected the Brexit deal with a historic majority of 432 against 202 votes for the deal that was arrived after a heated debate between PM May and the European Union. Now, after the humiliating defeat, opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has also called for a vote of no confidence against PM May, scheduled to be held at 7:00PM GMT today.

During the vote on Brexit, more than 100 of PM May’s own Conservative lawmakers voted against the deal. In doing so, the British Parliament witnessed a record defeat for a government, bigger than a 166-vote margin, set in 1924.

During interaction with media after the defeat, Boris Johnson, one of Conservative Party’s most prominent Brixteer, called the deal “dead” and urged PM Theresa May to go back to Brussels to seek better terms.


As for the vote of no confidence against PM May moved by opposition party leader Jeremy Corbyn, there are several reports in UK media saying that May won’t be defeated in the vote and the internal adversaries who voted against the deal were set to fight off any attempt to topple her.

The Northern Irish Party, DUP, that supports May’s Conservative Party in the parliament refused to back the deal, but has said that it would support May in the no-confidence vote. Even the most staunch opponents of her deal have reportedly said that they would support her.

On the other side, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has come out to say that the rejection of Brexil deal in UK has increased the risks of a disorderly withdrawal.

The most plausible outcome now seems an extension from the March 29 dates set for UK’s departure from the EU. However, chairman of EU leaders, Donald Tusk has suggested that Britain should now consider reversing Brexit altogether.

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