Britain’s Costa Coffee has given an assurance to recycle half a billion coffee cups by the end of the year 2020, according to reports by Reuters in London. The coffee cups recycled in Britain is very less, which is not even 1%. Thus leading the politicians to propose a levy on disposable coffee cups. However, reports say that Britain has resisted the proposal and has encouraged to volunteer to limit the use of coffee cups. According to Costa, there was a misconception that the coffee cups could not be recycled and though the process was more costly, the firm has made agreements with five waste disposal firms to give assurance of recycling more cups opposing the levy. 

Moreover, reports say that Costa sells around 500 million hot drinks in disposable cups every year, which is one-fifth of the total sold cups in the United Kindom. However, only 14 million cups have been recycled in the last twelve months till February this year. Talking about the recycling of the coffee cups managing director of Costa Coffee said, “We think it’s a really neat solution, because it is effective immediately.” He further said, “It’s not directly because of the conversations about the tax. It’s something we’ve been working on for quite a while.”

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Meanwhile, Costa said that it would pay 70 pounds ($100) which is equal to 6,560.47 Indian rupees per tonne of cups collected to the waste management companies, which is now receiving 50 pounds per tonne, which makes it economically feasible for the firms to collect the coffee cups. Moreover, an additional five pounds per tonne will be given to an auditor. Further, the company Costa owned by Whitbread also highlighted that the program would not be material, as per reports. The company’s target of 100 million cups over the next 12 months would cost just under 100,000 pounds which is worth 93,69,957.24 in Indian rupees while the target is to recycle 500 million cups by 2020.

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