A car rammed into pedestrians outside London’s Natural History Museum on Saturday, 7 October leaving several people injured. So far no casualties have been reported and the metropolitan police are investigating the case. One person was arrested from the site of the incident which happened at 14:20 British Time (18:50 IST) in Exhibition Road in South Kensington, reports BBC.

The UK police said that the injuries of the victims are not serious and that the three museums in the Exhibition road, namely the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum have been evacuated after the reported incident.

Video footages from the site have floated on social media which showed a man held down on the ground by the police following the accident. A Twitter user Stefano Sutter posted some pictures of the incident site which shows a black car (supposedly the one that crashed) jammed between two others. The visuals also show policemen guiding the area and helping the injured ones. 

The Natural History Museum in a tweet confirmed the ‘serious’ incident and said they are working with the police to get the situation in control.

“There’s been a serious incident outside the Museum. We are working w/ @metpoliceuk and will provide an update when we have more information,” a tweet was posted from the museum’s official twitter account.

Heavy police security has been deployed in the area and ambulances have reached to cater to the injured. The Exhibition road has been closed for now, confirmed a Twitter user Matt Watkins. According to BBC, one of their reporters who was present at the scene confirmed that the pedestrians injuries were minor as per the information she received from the UK Police.

An eyewitness revealed, “When waiting for the light, we heard what I thought was gunshots and saw a car drive over the pavement. We just ran. My friend dived on the floor and cut her hands.