As China celebrates CCP’s centenary, NewsX brings to you the real face of Xi’s mainland, which is marred by 100 years of killings, occupation and suppression. The real map of China, which China is too afraid to admit. In reality, if we exclude the occupied territories, mainland china is just a small state in the middle. All of its attempts of occupation are an attempt to change the status quo.

Even though the Chinese have been here for long and built their expansion dream on the remains of flourishing civilisations, their quest to conquer the world only remains a dream. The world is watching what they have done in East Turkestan, Tibet, Mongolia, Ladakh and Hong Kong. The world has witnessed China unleash brutalities, human right crackdowns, atrocities and ethnic cleansing, all to realise its dream of Chinese supremacy.

The real map of China, drawn by NewsX team, is what the reality is and it is far off from what china claims to be its real territory. It is time to highlight this map, make every concerned global citizen aware of this map, so that as CCP celebrates 100 years of its founding, the global community can tame China and release the nations that have been brutalized over the years, from Xi’s clutches.

Amid all the talks of foreign bullying by Xi, it is important to know what is the real map of China, without its occupations, that India’s border is actually with Tibet and not China and uncover how CCP hides this reality.