Possible Chinese espionage has been revealed in some of the world’s largest corporations, consulates and government agencies. Officials belonging to the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP are suspected of being working as spies.

A media report suggested that members from CCP have been working in British several British corporations, consulates and universities.

Released information about CCP members exposed how the party’s influence has asserted itself neatly in almost every major British institution. These include transportation services, banks, medicinal firms and even security agencies. Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Astra Zeneca, some of the top coronavirus cure researchers, are said to have a total of 123 CCP members among their ranks.

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This information was initially released on Telegram in April 2016 when Chinese whistleblowers obtained this data from a server-based in Shanghai.

The data has now been released onto the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China that consists of 150 legislators throughout the world. The group had been founded in September 2020. Several other news agencies like De Standaard in Belgium, The Australian, The Sunday Mail in the UK also covered this leak.

Whilst CCP spokespersons claimed that their members work for these companies and consulates solely for career choices, experts believe that at least a small fraction of this enormous number of CCP members has to be spying for the party. That means well around a dozen spies in most major companies with international reach.

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