Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat on Thursday warned against aggression by China and its ‘proxy’ Pakistan and said that India is bolstering its air power and “looking at creating a rocket force”. Addressing an event, the CDS spoke extensively about India’s future military challenges, security doctrine and reform process in the armed forces.The CDS stressed that India has border issues with its two hostile neighbours Pakistan and China and both have shown aggression in recent times. To tackle the challenge General Rawat said there is a need for extensive use of niche technology to combat various national security challenges

“Only time will tell whether that will happen or not. However, we are witnessing some sort of collaboration between the Sinic and Islamic civilizations. As can be seen, China is now making friends with Iran, moving closer to Turkey, and making inroads into Afghanistan. They (China) will enter Afghanistan in the near future,” Gen. Rawat predicted.

Noting that China’s rise has occurred faster than the rest of the world anticipated, India will have to wait and see how events unfold in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. “We don’t know what the future holds. There may be more turmoil in Afghanistan, as well as changes that cannot be predicted at this time,” he added.

Concerning Pakistan, the CDS stated that the western adversary would continue to fuel and expand its proxy war against India. “Today, we are witnessing it in J&K. They (Pakistan) are attempting it again in Punjab, as well as spreading their wings in other parts of the country,” he said.

“A weaker adversary, such as Pakistan, will always keep us involved in a proxy war. They are, in fact, a stooge for our northern foe (China). China has demonstrated aggression toward the nations in the South China Sea. We must be prepared, whether it is through direct aggression or the use of technology along our land borders,” he added.