Chinese scientists claim to have created the world’s first light-based quantum computer which is hailed by experts as “major achievement.” Beijing claims such computers can solve problems far faster than a classical supercomputer. As per the official report, Jiuzhang, the quantum computer, can reliably demonstrate “quantum computational advantage”, a milestone in computing.

The state-run China Daily quoted a study published in the journal Science where it hails the development as a major breakthrough in science and computing. The name ‘Jiuzhang’ comes from an ancient Chinese mathematical text and the new invention can perform an extremely esoteric calculation, called Gaussian boson sampling, in 200 seconds.

Amid border row with China, it comes across as a crucial warning that India must try to boost its own quantum computing age in the country. Last year Google had declared its 53-qubit quantum computer had achieved such a breakthrough. Beijing scientists reportedly claim that Jiuzhang used a new method of manipulating 76 photons to do calculations instead of Google’s, which uses superconductive materials.

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Experts hailed China’s quantum computer as a “state-of-the-art experiment” and a “major achievement” in quantum computing which sends warning signs against the world and to countries like US, Russia and India.