China’s neighbors like India, Japan and South Asian countries are reporting huge surge meanwhile Mainland China has no more 12 cases as far as the Chinese National Health Commission is concerned.  The grim realities of acute shortages have left the South Asian in shock. Healthcare and medical infrastructure has collapsed nationwide and doctors and medical team are living on the edge in trying to provide treatment to the Covid patients. However China has been making tall claims about vaccinating almost 14 million people a day.

This would make the Communist Regime fastest in the world and only exception as first world nations as well as developing countries are worst affected by the massive global shortage of vaccine supply worldwide.  As per the figures from the National Health Commission, 13.7 million vaccines were administered on Friday which means Communist China is now closer to its target of vaccinating 40% of its population, or at least delivering 560 million doses, by the end of June.

As these South Asian countries including India are going through an unforgiving and devastating second wave, China is perfectly claiming Covid high figures of their population getting vaccinated and hardly any positive cases. The deadly virus which originated from mainland China’s Wuhan during Oct-Nov 2019 saw the rest of world getting paralyzed last year and still continues to battle the menance. Lack of free press and transparency in the Communist regime has make it immensely difficult to find out the truth behind XI’s fallacies and narratives.

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Head of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, George Fu Gao claimed that it’s estimated China will have 900 million to 1 billion people vaccinated by next year, when herd immunity is expected to be reached.