China’s interest in post-war Syria is nothing new, from Middle East to Africa; China is always seeking opportunities for expansion. Analysts and diplomats believe that though peace is starting to prevail in Syria, still it offers poor returns in coming years.

The war has destroyed everything from economy to its towns and cities. Syria’s global position and image has been deeply affected and shredded by a decade long conflict. Syria’s allies Russia and Iran are investing and helping Syria to get back on his foot again. China’s is trying to become a new partner to Syria and looking out for every profitable opportunity. China is walking steadily in Middle East region as they are extending to taking stakes in Iraq’s oilfields and in United Arab Emirates.

During Donald Trump regime, he called off his army from north-eastern Syria and now after departure of US Army from Afghanistan, the situation seems to be an easy win for Chinese diplomats. “They know a vacuum when they see one,” said a former British diplomat with experience in Beijing and the Middle East.

A European Syria envoy said despite China’s enthusiasm, building up Syria seems next to impossible in these dreadful conditions. “Nobody is coming to invest the hundreds of billions of euros and dollars”. He added that one should wish that Asad Regime and its allies will understand that maintaining peace is always difficult than bombing and wrecking your way to some kind of military victory.

An exiled Syrian economist, Osama Kadi said the Syria’s economy is in worst condition and majority of population is living under the poverty line. An Average monthly salary of a Syrian is between $15 and $40.