Despite Facebook being banned across China, Beijing is using the platform extensively to spread lies intended at making people fall globally for their narrative of Uyghur Muslims being treated well in Xinjiang province. Facebook employees have now gone ahead to raise concerns over the usage of Facebook as a conduit of propagating the Chinese agenda.

Organizations financed and run by the Chinese government have reportedly been running sponsored advertisement campaigns across Facebook that show that Uyghur Muslims are thriving in Xinjiang. Facebook is being questioned for not taking stern actions against China’s Facebook campaigns promoting China’s blatant lies.

Many instances have reported how China tries to control every space, be it social media platforms, open-source platforms or mainstream media in its favour.

Another similar report suggests that in 2019, nearly 280 posts were made on Twitter every month by diplomats and media agencies funded by the Chinese government. Most of these tweets were intended at making people consume and believe the narrative that minorities in Xinjiang were treated well by the Chinese government. There was a surge in such fake posts in 2020 and the number rose to about 500 posts a month.