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China-Pak celebrate 70 years of bilateral ties: Xi-Imran’s ‘Iron Brothers’ narrative on

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on 3th March, 2021 that China and Pakistan would be holding 100 events to celebrate 70 years of bilateral ties between both the countries which was established on May 21, 1951. Wang Wenbin, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry commented that China and Pakistan perceived each other as ‘Iron Brothers’. To commemorate 70 years of diplomatic ties, 100 events would be held covering politics, economics, trade, humanities and military. To both, India remains a hostile neighbor. 

Wang Yi, the Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister commented that the ties between both the countries should only deepen. In addition to that, Wang stated that participation from all section of the society are welcome in both the countries, specially the younger generation who must play an active role. The announcement was made virtually when these remarks were made by Wang, directed at his Pakistani counterpart, Shah Mahmood Qureshi. 

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Pakistan lend its support by stating that she believes in the One-China Policy, the Belt-Road initiative and espouses that the corridor will become the paradigm project of the BRI’s high quality development. In the Chinese State Run paper, Quereshi said, “As iron brothers, we have always stood by each other in most trying times. Our relationship has become an ‘all-weather strategic corporation partnership’ “.

Wang Wenbin said, “With our concerted efforts, we will surely carry forward the traditional friendship, expand and deepen practical cooperation in various fields, bring the two peoples closer, and achieve greater development in the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between China and Pakistan “.  On Tuesday, a logo was unveiled in the Wang-Quereshi event that embodies Pakistan-China relationship.

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