Experts suggest that China is suspected of having supported the coup in Myanmar as the military leadership would not have taken such a risk without some guarantees. Moreover, after having been sanctioned by the Western nations, Myanmar must now look to China for sustenance. Meanwhile, China has not made any comments regarding the events in Myanmar. Though China has called for a peaceful reconciliation, there has been, unsurprisingly, no mention of reinstating democracy in Myanmar, as China itself lacks one.

China considers Myanmar a land bridge to the Indian Ocean and intends to take over the country’s majority share in infrastructure. Most of the goods imported by China come through the Strait of Malacca which can be easily blockaded by India or any other nation with the means and the will.

Additionally, China is addressing the coup as a major cabinet reshuffle. Although China had been mediating talks between the Myanmar government and Rohingya refugees, the sanctions will now allow China to gain trade with Myanmar as no other nation will do so.

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Aside from goods, China will be able to sell its own vaccines in Myanmar, whilst redoubling efforts of the Belt and Road initiative in Myanmar. This will result in China building vast amounts of infrastructure on Myanmar soil with loans and forcing Myanmar under its own wing, clutched by the money lent to it. China will also be able to obtain a huge share in all the infrastructure projects.

India needs to take into consideration the sanctions imposed by the world on Myanmar as previously when the US imposed sanctions, Myanmar ended up being in China’s arms. This time, the situation seems even more serious as China has not even called out Myanmar’s generals and has called the coup as “reshuffle”.

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