While talking about peace & dialogue on one hand, China has been surreptitiously upgrading its airbase just 330 KMs away from Doklam. The latest satellite images accessed by our sister channel NewsX has now exposed the Chinese betrayal. These images show how China has begun upgrading its military deployments, all the while talking about peace. 330 KM from Doklam, China has begun upgrading their airport, according to fresh satellite photos. Hardened aircraft shelters are being built, which will bolster the PLA presence in the area.

Lhasa Gongar Airport, China, is being upgraded. It will allow for parking of ships, loading and unloading, and refilling. China has started upgrading its airbase on the western military theater.

This move will increase the speed of response of China in Indo-China border tensions, as it will boost the Air Force and aerial capability of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), in the area.  By building an airbase 300 km from Doklam, China gains many advantages. Aerial or satellite recon can be avoided. It also makes maintenance of the planes much more convenient for the Chinese military.

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Chinese military had practiced with low-caliber Howitzer at an altitude of 4,600 meters for the last few days. It was placed on a 4 wheeled car instead of 6. At the same time, the HJ-10 loaded onto the truck had 2 launchers, instead of the usual 4.

These weapons may also be carried by air, and it is believed that the Chinese military has made such adjustments in order to allow them to traverse the hilly conditions easily, while still using the weapons.

While China is busy upgrading its airbases, the Indian army is also fully prepared to thwart these nefarious bids by China. From Blacktop to Helmet to crucial heights at Rechin La, the Indian army is dominating almost every crucial height at the banks of S Pangong Tso. The Indian army has also increased deployment significantly at the LaC near Ladakh and is ready for a counter China in the chilly winters of Ladakh. Moreover with the aerial superiority granted post the induction of Rafales, India is fully prepared to take on China.

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