Friday, September 30, 2022

Chinese fighter jets continue attempts to provoke India on LAC in Eastern Ladakh

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Even after Corps Commander-level talks, Chinese fighter planes have been flying close to the Line of Actual Control (LAC) on many occasions, attempting to irritate Indian soldiers stationed in Eastern Ladakh.

In the previous three to four weeks, Chinese aircraft have been flying near the LAC on a regular basis, which is seen as an attempt to probe the Indian defense structure in the region. The Indian Air Force is responding properly to the situation, taking no risks in dealing with the danger and avoiding any further escalation.

According to official sources, “Chinese fighter planes, notably the J-11, are still flying close to the Line of Actual Control. There have been recent violations of the 10 Km Confidence Building Measure (CBM) line in the region.”

They added that the Indian Air Force has taken aggressive measures in response to these provocations, moving its most powerful jets, notably the MiG-29 and Mirage 2000, to advanced bases from where they can reply to Chinese activity in minutes.

IAF has scrambled its own fighter jets to counter the threat posed by Chinese aircraft, but it appears that the People’s Liberation Army is concerned about the upgrade of IAF infrastructure in the Ladakh sector, which will allow them to monitor Chinese activities deep within areas under their control, according to sources.

According to the sources, IAF has been responding to these acts in a calibrated manner while also keeping a careful eye on the Chinese flight pattern in the area where they are flying at both low and high altitudes.

After the Chinese attempted to unilaterally change the status quo on the LAC in the April-May 2020 period, India has been working at a breakneck rate to improve its military facilities in Ladakh.

Provocations by Chinese fighter planes began around June 24-25, when a Chinese fighter plane went quite near to a flashpoint in eastern Ladakh.

Following that, they claimed, additional CBM breaches occurred between the two sides along the LAC near the Chumar sector, and this has continued ever since.

According to the sources, IAF has also been doing extensive flying in the Eastern Ladakh area, notably with its Rafale fighter planes, which can reach Ladakh in a relatively short timescale from their home base in Ambala near the northern borders.

However, the sources stated, that the issue was also discussed during the Corps Commander discussions on July 17 at the Chushul Moldo border meeting point.

IAF chief Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari said, “Whenever we find that Chinese aircraft or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) are coming a little too close to the LAC, we take appropriate measures by scrambling our fighters or putting our systems on high alert, which has deterred them to a large extent.”

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