Condé Nast Traveller, a popular international lifestyle travel magazine has termed Indian temples as gaudy, villages as adobe and compared it to Goa, as if it’s not a part of India, claiming that it has whitewashed churches and crumbling Portuguese villas. Were these terms used by the international magazine to question the diversity of India? The whole world is aware of Indian diversity since ancient times and how beautiful and bright is each and every culture and religion of the country is.

India is famous worldwide for its various cultures, languages, and religions. People in different corners of the country have different religious beliefs and have varied cultures that they have been following since ancient times. Hindus go to temples, Christians go to Churches and both the places of worship is designed in their own ways and there is nothing to compare them. The popular international magazine has proved that they somewhere failed in understanding the diversity of our beautiful country.

Following this, Siddharth Zarabi, Executive Editor of Business Television India (BTVI) has slammed the international magazine for using such terms. Siddharth took to his Twitter to share his views on the article published by Condé Nast Traveller. He wrote that it’s a terrible choice of headline that reeks of prejudice and lack of understanding, appreciation of diverse cultures and religions. He concluded by tagging Condé Nast Traveller on Twitter and wrote, keep traveling, although he’s not sure how much it would help them widen their horizons and cultural sensitivity.

Well! The article in which the international luxury magazine has talked about India and Goa separately has made people of the country highly upset and they have started slamming the editor of the article on social media. Smashing the international magazine, a youngster wrote that both Hinduphobia and Racism can be seen through the article and said Goa is a part of India, in case the author of the article didn’t know, other person wrote: A bit more than rude! It seems to be implying European superiority.

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