Monday, August 8, 2022

COP26 agrees to phase down: Time #RealClimateVillains wake up?

COP26 concluded on Saturday after two weeks of negotiations between 200 nations on climate change and what needs to be done to control the damage. After a series of negotiations, Britain’s COP 26 President Alok Sharma said that it is now time to make a decision and the choices you make are extremely important.

The final text of the resolution urged nations to accelerate efforts to phase down coal production rather than phase out inefficient fossil fuel subsidiaries. As India among other countries pressed for change in the fossil fuel language in COP26 draft, a teary-eyed Alok Sharma said he apologises for the way the process unfolded and he is deeply sorry.

As the nations ‘rallied to compromise’, what the Global North refused to talk about was equity and historical emissions. When talking about the per-capita power consumption, India consumes only 968 KW/ Hour. Countries like Canada, US, China, UK, France, Russia and Germany consume 15,438 KW/Hour, 13, 098 KW/Hour, 4,906 KW/Hour, 4906 KW/Hour, 7141 KW/Hour, 6,917 KW/Hour and 6, 848 KW/Hour.

Taking note of the historical emissions, Great Britain reached 30 million tonnes output of coal mining alone by 1830. In United States, Wyoming became the largest coal producing state in 1987 with 70BN ton reserves. Donets Basin in Russia is a major coal mining district and produces 70BN Ton reserves since 2010. China, on the other hand, produces over 3500 million tonnes of coal every year.

This prompts the question that isn’t is it time to phase down the real climate villains rather than pulling up a country like India, whose CO2 emissions fell to 30MT from 132 MT in 2020, solar energy capacity built to 38GWs in 2020, is on target to achieve 20% ethanol blending, made 42 solar parks in recent years, has 92 GW of renewable energy available, has distributed over 37 crore LED bulbs in 6 years and has set up 5 waste to energy projects with a capacity of 74.7 MW.

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