While India is fighting with the second wave of Covid-19 along with a shortage of covid vaccines, many other countries are in speculation to issue covid vaccine passports. Covid vaccine passport has been considered as a permit to move freely after a person gets fully vaccinated. The passport is expected to be issued after two weeks of receiving the second dose of a vaccine.

Germany, Chile, the European Union, Greece, Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States Of America are some of the countries that have been associated with this idea. The reaction of different countries to the decision is seen to be different. Countries like Greece have taken this decision emphasising their tourism sector, while some other European nations are determined to give their citizens the right to move freely.

Chile is to be considered utmost in this regard. The nation started this process on the 26th of May followed by Greece. Israel, where fifty per cent of their populations are fully vaccinated, had also started a similar process calling it a “Green Pass”, but unfortunately they had to suspend the idea due to the splendour of the covid 19 vaccination. The NHS app is being used as a permissible document in the UK while the USA is yet to finalize the idea and expected to start the process by July 31.

Covid and the consequent lockdown has become a serious issue. Though developed nations with less population somehow manage to relieve their citizens, people of developing or undeveloped nations with high populations are suffering a lot. The introduction of covid vaccine passport may support the countries in fighting this deadly disease.