Monday, August 8, 2022

#CovidAsia2ndWave: As Covid engulfs South Asia, Xi claims ‘normalcy’; What is China’s covid reality?

India has been battling the second wave Covid Tsunami and similarly its immediate neighbors have seen a rise in increasing covid cases. Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan are recording sharply rising infections during the month of April. Seychelles, Singapore , Thailand, Maldives, Cambodia also recorded spike in cases. The Union Health Ministry of India reported as many as 3,43,144 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hrs in the country. The grim realities of acute shortages have left the country in shock. Healthcare and medical infrastructure has collapsed nationwide and doctors and medical team are living on the edge in trying to provide treatment to the covid patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) raised alarm about the B.1.617 of the Covid-19 variant which was first identified in India and designated it as one of global concern that requires more tracking and analysis. However a major concern is that WHO has been blindly trusting whatever China is telling them for the past few months. One country that seems to be showing its hunky dory narrative has reached a new unbelievable threshold, with China claiming during month of April-May 2021, they only reported number of positive cases lesser than 25.

This put many things into perspective and why China’s neighbors like India, Japan and South Asian countries are reporting such huge surge meanwhile Mainland China has no more than 12 cases as far as the Chinese National Health Commission is concerned. As these South Asian countries including India are going through an unforgiving and devastating second wave, China is perfectly claiming Covid positive cases in single digits. The deadly virus which originated from mainland China’s Wuhan during Oct-Nov 2019 saw the rest of world getting paralyzed last year and still continues to battle the menance.

However China’s compulsive lies strategy and misinformation which has been unprecedented around the world isn’t stopping any time soon. Dr Satoru Nagao – Visiting Fellow, Hudson Institute exclusively spoke to NewsX and said Japan is in a state of emergency due to surge in covid cases. Many foreign policy and health experts believe that the Chinese official figures that they have mentioned could be several times higher than what China has reported so far.

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