Dalai Lama says Europe will become Muslim if immigrants stay, says BBC report: The Dalai Lama has recently grabbed headlines for his controversial remarks against US President Donald Trump, women and European migrants. The Buddhist spiritual leader, in an interview with the BBC, opened up about a wide range of topics including, Trump’s tenure, European migrants, his relationship with China, and his potential successor. The Buddhist monk launched a scathing attack at US President Trump saying he lacks moral principle, which came contrary to his remarks made in 2016 that he had no worries about his presidency. The Dalai Lama also contended that he doesn’t agree with Trump’s Amerca first policy too. 

The Dalai Lama, who is currently exiling in India for the past 60 years, also shared his views on immigration. He reiterated his statement made during a speech last year that refugees to the European Union should ultimately return home. He added that Europe is for European. 

He suggested that the European countries should educate and train the refugees in a bid to sent them back to their own land with certain skills. He further noted that a limited number could work or the whole of Europe would become Muslim or African country. 

He further made a striking statement on who should succeed him after his death. The monk said that if a female Dalai Lama takes the charge after him, she should be more attractive. He added that his beauty matters as much as brains.

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