David Coleman Headley, who is accused of orchestrating the 26/11 Mumbai attacks, is reportedly in ICU after he was attacked at a US Federal jail on Tuesday morning. As per reports, the doctors looking after David Headley said that he is in a critical condition. Media reports suggested that Headley was attacked by two of his inmates. The reason behind the attack still remains unknown. Pakistan-American origin Coleman Headley is serving his 35-year term in prison for his role in 26/11 Mumbai attacks. As per reports, the attack on David Headly took place on July 8. However, the report was recently made public.

The 25-year sentence for Pak-American origin came in after it was found that he had served as a double agent between Pakistan’s intelligence agencies and several other terror organisations.

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Meanwhile, public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam has denied the reports of any such attack on Headley. In February 2016, Headley was prosecuted by the Mumbai Court via video link from his US prison.  

In his confession at the court, Headly said that he made several videos of Vice-President’s resident in New Delhi and shared it with several terror organisations. He added that he had also filmed the National Defence College and Indian Army Headquarters.

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After the attack was reported, US Jail authorities rushed him to the North Shore Evanston Hospital. As per reports, after being kept under the normal watch, he was shifted to ICU where he is being kept under 24-hour watch.

As per primary reports, the two inmates who had attacked Headley were brothers who were serving time in the US jail. Reports suggest that the two were serving their term for assaulting police officials.

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