Social media is abuzz with unverified videos of a Chinese military jet apparently having been shot down. In the videos, flames and smoke can be seen at the crash landing site of the Chinese military jet. The jet allegedly crashed in Guangxi after flying over the Taiwan Strait. Even though this has been officially denied by the Taiwanese Government, many are considering it to be a Taiwanese act of aggression against China.

The pilot can be seen motionless on a stretcher as the locals tend to him. His condition is not yet known, and this information has not been official confirmed currently.

However, many users have flagged the report calling it false while some said that the fighter jet crashed due to technical glitch.

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Taiwan’s Ministry of Defence has responded and categorically denied any involvement, calling this a case of “fake news’.

Taiwan is located off of the coast 0f the Chinese mainland, and the Communist Party has often claimed that they will one day reclaim the land for China. Currently, the US and Taiwan have a military deal, whereby the US sold a surface to air missile to Taiwan in July

At the same time, China continues to threaten countries across the world that stand with Taiwan. When a Czech delegation visited the island recently, Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi, said that the island should pay for their ‘shortsighted actions’.

Tensions between the two nations have continued to mount exponentially ever since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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