Just the name of Diwali fills the hearts of many people with zeal and when the day of Diwali arrives, the celebrations done on the day are splendid, not in just India but across the world. Indians reside in almost every country on the planet and therefore, no country goes bereft of the grandiose Diwali celebrations. But it’s not just the people that look after the necessary arrangements for the festivities; sometimes the state authorities also play their hand.

Fireworks at a common place and decorations at dedicated spots among many other things are a common sight in several countries on the occasion of Diwali. Like in Singapore where a huge number of Hindus live along with the largest share of Buddhist population and Buddhists enjoy Diwali festival equally. Singapore authorities took the matter in their hands and decided to do something different this Diwali 2017. Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rolled a new Diwali-themed metro train and also launched a Little India metro station.

The newly launched train was incredibly beautiful and received much appreciation from the citizens of Singapore. The interiors of the train were full of colourful Indian designs with Happy Deepavali written on the walls in both English and in the local language. The passengers of the newly incorporated train were visibly buoyant while taking a ride in it. Also, the metro station was decorated with similar colours and designs. There were pictures of huge earthen lamps with Happy Diwali written beneath it.

Apart from the trains, Singapore government instated Diwali-themed buses as well with vibrant colours and greetings of Diwali 2017 on it. Also, the streets of Singapore were lit with trendy lights.