The United States will pull out of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) if it does not shape up, said United States President Donald Trump in a recent interview. The US President has said this during an interview to Bloomberg News on Thursday. Threatening that US will pull out of the WTO, Donald Trump said that if the organisation won’t shape up then he will pull US out of it.

Earlier also, Donald Trump had slammed the WTO over its dispute settlement system and termed that it was unfavourable towards the United States. President Trump had said that they had rarely won a lawsuit but in the last one year, they have started to win a lot of cases because they know if US won’t win then it will itself out of the organisation.

This is not the first time when Donald Trump had hinted at taking a harsh stand. The US has been pressing the WTO against other nations who are part of the organisation over the issues of tariffs being imposed on imports. 

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Previously, US President Donald Trump had accused India of charging as high as 100% tariffs on the import of American goods. Hitting out at India, Trump had said that India was charging 100% tariff on US products but this wouldn’t be able to continue. The US President had added that talks were going on with countries who charge higher tariff rates to meet out a solution.

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Further speaking on the issue, Trump had said that everybody was treating US as a bank and were robbing it, however, it will continue like this in the future.