Donald Trump while talking to reporters at the White House on Iran said that it is playing with fire after Iran breached the limit of uranium enrichments. Iran has been bound by the 2015 nuclear deal under which it cannot exceed the limit of nuclear enrichments beyond a prescribed limit.

The Iran nuclear deal has become a point of conflict between the two nations. The US had withdrawn from the nuclear deal last year calling it short-sighted. Ever since the deal has been a point of contention everywhere. The US has imposed heavy sanctions on Iran and is hurting the Iranian oil supplies by continuously putting sanctions over it. India too has cut the oil supplies from Iran in the wake of these latest sanctions.

The international community has appealed from both the US and Iran to avoid any further escalation on the deal. The UN has said that Iran must stick to its commitments under the deal. Tehran, whose crucial oil exports and financial transactions have suffered huge losses post US sanctions has asked the other partners of the deal – Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia to save the deal and help out in dealing with sanctions.

Iran on May 8 announced that it would no longer abide by the set limit on its uranium enrichment and heavy water stockpiles. The latest tensions between US-Iran coincide with a deployment of US forces in the Gulf and a series of recent incidents including Iran shooting down a US drone claiming that it had entered its airspace.

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