The princess of Dubai, Haya Bint Al Husein has left her husband who is the crown prince leader of the country. The princess is seeking asylum in Europe as per the reports. This incident happened one year after one of the daughters of Dubai’s Shiekh namely Princess Latifa flew to Goa last year from Dubai. The human rights watchdog said that they received n number of reports and all of them stated that Princess Haya has fled from the Arab State. As per the latest reports, the princess, who is the sister of the King of Jordan, secretly went to Europe with their daughter AL Jalila, 11 years old and son Zayed who is 7 years old.

In the previous year, Princess Latifa explained the reasons for her escape in a video which was posted on YouTube. She accused the royal family of imprisoning and torturing her. She said in the video that she was feeling positive about the future as now she has claimed her life, her freedom and her freedom of choice.

As per the reports, the princess immediately filed divorce from her husband and requested asylum. This incident has initiated a diplomatic crisis between the United Arab Emirates and Germany. The Sheikh has said that he has asked the authorities in Berlin to find and return the princess, his son Zayed and daughter Al Jalila. But the security officials have refused to do so and as per the reports, they are protecting the princess too.

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