Union Minister of External Affairs Dr S Jaishankar on Tuesday indirectly slammed both China and Pakistan on terrorism during his address at the UNSC meeting. Asking UNSC members to not make false distinctions of “good terrorists” and “bad terrorists”, he said that the countries that cover up for such countries are as culpable.

In his indirect reference, EAM Jaishankar hit out at China and Pakistan for slowing the process of identifying terrorist individuals and entities, the two countries had tried to delay the process of designating Pakistan based terrorists which also includes the name of Masood Azhar, Chief of Jaish-e-Mohammad. He pointed out that they have also been unable to stop terror funding in the states.

Calling for zero tolerance against terrorism, Dr Jaishankar said that the practice of placing blocks and holds on listing requests without any rhyme or reason must end, it only eroded the collective credibility. Referring to underworld don Dawood Ibrahim, Jaishankar said that the crime syndicate responsible for the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts is not just given State protection but is enjoying 5-star hospitality. 

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Tuesday’s UNSC meeting was held virtually and the members had convened to mark the 20 years since the 1373 resolution was adopted by the United Nations Security Council. Resolution 1373  was adopted by the UN Security Council on September 28, 2001, in the aftermath of the 9/11 terror attacks in New York. Resolution 1373 is a counter-terrorism measure that calls on the United Nations’ member states to execute steps to prevent terrorism at home and around the world.

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