A major earthquake measuring 7.0 hit Indonesia’s Lombok island on Sunday, August 5. Media reports say authorities have issued a tsunami warning urging all the nearby residents to head for higher ground. However, so far there have been no reports of casualties. The incident comes a week after a magnitude 6.4 quake which claimed 14 persons on the tourist island. 

The tremor caused landslides which briefly trapped many trekkers on famous mountain hiking routes, as reported by NDTV. Following the incident, at least 40 people were wounded and many ran into open fields.

Meanwhile, in Lombok, which falls in the east of Bali, attracts a lot of tourism from across the globe due to its beautiful beaches and hiking trails. The tremor was felt for many seconds in Bali, Indonesia, where people ran out of buildings.

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A video shared on social media by BNO News showed that due to 7.0 magnitude, windows and doors were rattling immensely, another video showed that as people realised it is a tremor they started lurching.

Panic was witnessed among people after tremor rocked Lombok Island. Michelle Lindsay, an Australian tourist said that due to excessive panic all the hotel guests were running so even he did. Though, officials tried to calm the people and asked them not to panic.

Other people, who witnessed the earthquake said that the tremor got stronger within several seconds and broke the nearby windows and doors.  Due to this, panic was witnessed among holidaymakers and many residents.

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